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The human world is full of mythical creatures. Some who can hide among them, and some who can't. Our numbers are becoming small and we are spread far apart. To survive in this world, we must teach our children how to survive together. That is why I, Lilyth Sidus, created Fabulosum Bestis, one of the schools for all of our young ones to get together and learn about the ways of humans, and how we should live either among them if possible or hide from them. Our goal is to educate and restore our numbers as they fade into legend. And I, Dr. Mallory Lyles, promise to lead us on in the best way, I can.

To attend Fabulosum Bestis you must meet these requirements
As a school-
>You must be 14 years of age
>You must be of an accepted race
>You must be able to be around others without killing them

As a guild-
>You must apply
>You must be at least semi-literate
>You must be fairly active

Guild Rules
1. Follow Gaia ToS
2. Be active
3. Be at least semi-literate
4. Be respectful of other players (yes characters may be rude but not the players)
5. Be respectful of guild ranks, if they are a crew they are there for a reason
6. Keep your language clean as possible
7. Keep it PG-13, mild romance is accepted, anything farther you have to go to PM's
8. Violence is accepted in the appropriate forums
9. If you have problems that you cannot resolve, come to me or a crew member and we will do our best to help.
10. I am boss, what I say goes. If there is any changes or exceptions, they will be stated to everyone.
11. If there are any problems with crew, come to me
12. I am a reasonable person and realize mistakes can be made, but only once. If you continue to disobey rules, you will be banned

List of accepted races and a short description.

Vampire - A blood sucker who cannot go out in the sun. Weak against crosses and silver.
Lycan/Werewolf - One that can transform between wolf and human forms, but must transform on the full moon.
Centaur - Half man, half horse. They posses much wisdom and are great teachers and scholars. They often love magic and the use of the bow.
Elf - A tall humanoid with pointed ears and angular features. Also they have heightened senses and larger brains than a normal human.
Gorgon - The snake haired humanoid who cannot look another in the eyes without turning them to stone.
Merperson - A half human, half fish who can breathe under water and has legs on land.
Minotaur/Tauran - Half man, half bull. A brute being who believes in upfront battle over intelligence.
Ogre - A large, often ugly humanoid who isn’t very bright.
Satyr/Faun - Half man, half goat
Shapeshifter - A human who can take on the form of any animal, though they also have preferences, and also can partially shift
Dragoon - Half human, half dragon. They have scales, wings, claws, dragon-like heads, and tails. They cannot breathe fire but have an enlarged brain.
Fairy - A small humanoid with wings of any shape and color. They specialize in magics.
Nymphs - Nymphs can move swiftly and invisibly, ride through the air, and slip through small
holes. They are not immortal, but their lives exceeded a human's tenfold, and they
retained their beauty until death.
Succubus/Incubus - A being with the ability to enter the dreams of the opposite sex, causing them to have 'wet dreams'. They usually have bad intentions but can also be helpful.
Trolls - A cousin to the ogre. A less aggressive and slightly more intelligent being.
Angels - A holy being. Physically a human with wings but internally much more intelligent and strong than a human. Because of breeding on Earth, their power is massively weakened.
Witch - A species much like humans which is a expert in magic, spells, potions and such. They are powerful but are like humans so are fairly weak as well.

Application form for students-(All information included is for the character, not yourself)
[b]A little bit about you-[/b] (role-play sample)

[b]How active are you?-[/b]
[b]Who sent you?-[/b]

If you have any questions please send a Private Message to, Myself, Thank you.