❛❛EXO is divided into two sub-groups; EXO-K(Korean) and EXO-M(Mandarin).
EXO-K consists of 6 members; Kai, Se Hun, D.O, Chan Yeol, Baek Hyun and Su Ho
EXO-M consists of 6 members; Lu Han, Tao, Kris, Chen, Xiu Min and Lay

They're promoting their music in both South Korea and China
simultaneously. The name EXO comes from the term exoplanet (planets outside of the Solar System).

Both subgroups have released two prologue songs; What is Love which is sung only by Lu Han and Chen in EXO-M & Baek Hyun and D.O in EXO-K
The other prologue had just been recently let out which is History which is sung by all of them in both groups.
Their debut single is titled "MAMA." It was released on April 8th, 2012.❜❜

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