"As you all well know. I am private first class Vekenti Zairon A.K.A Bled2. As i have grown to learn more and more of the RP lifestyle being a new recruit. I have realized that it is very important for any roleplayer that plays religiously to be well equipped for any an all situations that would inevitably put you to the test.

Therefore I am starting this guild as a source for all roleplayers, and fellow gaians alike. To trade, sell, buy, and privately collect. Any type of weapons, guns, armor etc...

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All of the GRI. guild links will be posted here:
-Wastelanders Division- GRI.
-Mercenary Division- GRI.
-Assassins Division- GRI.
-Werewolf Division- GRI.

Almost like the exchange forum. But this guild is not only a replica of the excange forum, it is also a place for fellow roleplayers and gaians can have group conversation on interest based topics. As well as put there respective collections on sale. Or to look at someone else's unwanted items to see if there is anything of interest to them as well.

I encourage any and all promotians of any guilds. On my site, however I would like you ask permission first. There shall be no conflicting posts they will be discarded, and I will consider wheather or not the user/users who are involved in any such events will be banned from my guild. So pleaze be courteous to one another.

All are welcome. Please enjoy your vendings as much I do and look forward to meeting you all in the near future."