The EFE Guild

Welcome to Everything for Everyone (The EFE Guild)!

Everyone is welcome so just send a request to join, you don't even have to write anything! As the title says, this guild is for everyone and you can basically do anything that isn't against the ToS (also read the rules on the front page!) Check out the different subforums and watch out for contests. If you would like to donate to the guild, please send the trade to our guild mule,(e.f.e) because the guild account is only used for subforums. And please, read the rules on the main forum before posting anything! We are always trying to improve the guild so feel free make some suggestions on what you want in the Guild Rules Sticky on the front page. If we invite you, it means that you are nice and unique. We think that you can contribute to a lot to our discussions and forums.

&& Thanks to the members listed below for sticking around for so long!!
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