Centuries ago, all we had was technology and warfare, a new way of living so to speak, and a new excuse for gaining money from others out of blaming diseases on other’s own desperate ways of making a living. Even longer ago, there were the prehistoric era creatures. Even longer before that, there were creatures that are even still spoken about today, within myths about a few living on even though never seen, believing they would one day come out of hiding again. Well, what if we did, what if we really shone ourselves within the open again? What if there were even some of us that had never been spoken about before, what if some were different from what the old tales told about us? Would you be shocked? Amazed, possibly petrified, maybe you’d even be enthralled, perhaps?

Today, we don’t need cars, and other means of transportation for long travel. Well, except for those of us that are still ‘Human’. Most humans are mainly a thing of the past nowadays, you see, most have evolved and reawakened as their original entities just as the former myths of long ago had predicted. We magical beings now roam this planet yet again, along with a few other planets. We have stopped most of the nonsensical bloodshed that used to fill this world with shame, and live quite peacefully amongst each other, including the humans actually. It’s not perfect, though, there are quite the amount of kinks within this fairy tale. We still have drought, volcanic disasters that can’t be stopped for most. We still have diseases and even the common cold, although no where near as much as we used to. Famine is still a big problem, and it’s still quite hard to find enough common ground to finally come to complete world peace. There are still criminals of all kinds, and some more nasty than ever. Even with all those flaws, though, we have all mainly gained an understanding between one another, and live quite peacefully amongst one another. Some live alone, not wanting to come out of their peaceful life of mystery, some have moved away, not wanting to live amongst each other in peace, for one reason or another. Some have even fought over territory or beliefs with others that disagree, thus starting wars.

What kinds of ‘magical beings’, you say? To list off a few of us, there are just evolved beings, like Mages, Wizards, and Werewolves. And then there are even more amazing creatures like Vampires, Basilisks, and Lamias. There are many more of us, quite too many to name, really. A lot of us, you have probably heard quite vastly about, even to the points of fantasizing, or even to great amounts of paranoia. There are quite a fare amount of us that unheard of as well, some even unimaginable. Even so, I assure you, most of us are all quite charming creatures though. Some of us are even just like you, but with special abilities that helped us to put this earth back together, piece by piece, and out of the depression we all almost died from. We’ve come a long way since then, and we’ve spread our knowledge and curiosity out quite far and wide, in search of accomplishment and satisfaction. Even to the lengths of the universe we’ve traveled, to satiate this hunger for more excitement, fulfillment, and knowledge that we crave. We’re just now discovering abilities to alter, travel, and even distort time itself. We’ve decided to send several of us, from each and every kind, to any and every date and time within existence to alter, and figure out time, in it’s entirety. We’ll even be attempting to send some to very numerous dimensions, to try and understand existence even more, and try to solve various questions in life and myths that were never able to be answered and proved until now. Maybe if we’re lucky, we will most likely even see the creation of life itself.

We have been hidden for quite a long time now, trying to get by, and keep ourselves from becoming extinct. We’ve been feared and idolized for centuries now, just waiting to be free from our self-built imprisonment, and have come quite far in doing so. Would you believe your eyes if you were human and had lived centuries ago, and had seen us roaming your precious earth once more? You’d probably try to destroy us, like every other mysterious thing you’ve feared all your lives. Hopefully we can put an end to all that, ahead of time, by successfully traveling in time, and changing things around a bit, for good. Maybe we can even help you solve a lot of the problems you suffered back then, now wouldn’t that be great? Those from the past are in luck, we have finally come out of practically what could be called extinction, long enough to have everything we need to help those from the past, and we’re still more than willing to help share this planet with them again.