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Yo! Like we said, we have different varieties of roleplays! All very unique for everyone and anyone! The subforms will contain diffrent topics such as mythical, naruto, bleach, neko's, etc xD

PLEASEE JOIN! we're not all uptight P i'm not uptight, well i hope i'm not &.& anyways who reads these? just click JOIN!

but make sure to follow the rules or you'kk make my Mr. Bun-bun cry &.& and ya don't want to do that &.&

1. No Godmodding! your character must have weaknesses and must at least be able to die
2. Don't kill off other character's unless you have the user's consent, that includes using other peoples characters without their consent
3. Don't start up new topics 'till you ask me please (DarkWitch5505)
4. Don't go over the top swearing guys! I want this guild all clean, and hence the words 'over the top' so if u want a little of swearing or something censor it with *****
5. obey all gaia rules
6. no cybering, no details... we don't wanna read the banging of two characters its just awkward. but this is allowed (they had fun at night...) or something like that xD
7. In battle, allow the other character to have time to dodge it or at least counter it. Because we might consider you goddmoding if the other dudes dead before she/he got to attack
and 9. you'll get warnings if you are getting considered to be banned so ya... have fun cuz im not some heartless loooosserrr xD

OH! once you join and add you're character skeleton you are free to start ^^ Anytime you like biggrin

**NEW** try not to post with one sentence only
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