Emo,Goth,Punk and Vampire/Anime people are welcome I don't take orders from anyone if there's a fight you will be banned from the guild NO FIGHTS ALOUD! If your on my list you can get in for free ( but the payment to get inside isn't that bad anyway so either-way) I treat everyone equal since everyone that doesn't start anything with me is somewhat like family/ best friend to me after a while.. if your curious about the pictures there from a group/anime/game called Touhou/ Iosys there's a lot of characters as far as I know there's 1 episode made currently but its fan-made its not an actual anime but it is a video game so if you correct me on it half of the time your telling me stuff I already know this guild was currently owned by a friend who argued with me for it so just to make her happy i'll leave it at that there's other short music clips anyway please post/comment topics thank you~ Love - Mistress Death.
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