This guild is for all who risk it all in trading, buying, and selling everything ever created in the Gaian Universe. Please to join now as for in the future, I will require a validation process, such as: entry fees(small), proof of small/moderate/large income defining your status in the guild, and being active. In the beginning of this guild, most of the founders will get the higher positions and after we gain some income, and the guild funds are accessable, the leaders/founders of the guild will get salaries, based upon their activity in ther guild, how much work/gold they originally put in to the guild, and their responsibilities(e.g. secretary, treasurer, etc.).
As always, there will be contests! Such as free drawings, donation contests, logic problems and riddles, bumping contests, auctions(based upon trading system where whoever bids highest for a fish in an auction, will get a letter or a guitar through trade), and so on. All members will get discounts upon whichever rarities or expensive items i come upon.
How can I do all this for my members?, you ask! I will recieve voluntary donations from my members and whatever they decide not to donate, comes out of my pocket!
1 gold auction!
Bumping contest!
Avatar contest!
Luvers Lane!
Please donate all funds DIRECTLY to me instead of using the form below