The Elite Fishing Clan is a public guild established on September 29, 2017 for all levels of fishers ranging from beginner to veteran. This guild is open 24/7 for all active members, and mandatorily asks that each member participate in the guild 1-2 times per week. Failure to complete this request may have their membership suspended or expelled from the guild.

This Guild will have its very own Fish Market where all members are able to sell their fish or junk to other members.
(Directions on the correct format to enter will be on the forum itself).

Since this is a public guild, all fishing levels are welcome, from a beginner to a veteran. We are currently not accepting donations, because the Guild Account has enough savings, thank you smile If you have questions, please message the Captain directly, thank you!

To Break the Ice, answer these questions in the guilds Introduction thread under Subforums (Optional)

1. What is your favorite fishing rod?
2. What type of bait do you use?
3. Which lake do you prefer fishing?
4. How often do you fish weekly? For how long?
5. Are you currently ranked? If so, provide the number along with the lake. (If you are ranked in multiple, please provide all of them.)
6. Do you know a current member? If so, who?
7. Would you like me to know anything before you submit this application?

(Note: You can Copy and Paste these Questions)