In this Rp, you will choose a class, an image of your character, and a side to join..then explore.

1. Donate!!!!!{please!}
2. Choose a class.
3. Follow gaia rules on guilds....don't do anything over a PG-13 level.
4. Make a character.

I hope you enjoy this.

Classes Lord(unavailable now.)-sword, axe, lance
Archer- bow
Cavalier- lance and sword
Pirate- Axe
Nomad- Bow
Mage- Anima(nature magic)
Shaman- Dark magic
Cleric- staff
Thief- Sword
Monk- Light magic
Soldier- Lance
Knight- Lance
Pegasus Knight- Lance
Wyvern Knight- Lance

Home lands-
Pherae-(lords, cavaliers, archer, fighter.)
Bern-(Soldiers, archers, thief, fighter, Wyvern knights.)
Ostia-( Lords, soldiers, knights, archers, thief, mage, fighter, Myrmidons.)
Caelin-(Cavalier, archer, Pegasus knights, knights, soldier.)
Sacae Plains- (Lords, Nomad, Myrmidon.)
Etruria(mages, shaman, Monks. clerics, troubadours )