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With Japan's government tracing the diclonious back to director Kakuzawa. The government takes over and use the military satellites to find Lucy and eliminate her. It takes only a few days before locating her. They finding her hiding out in the Kaeda House with another diclonious and some normal humans. The government not wanting to risk their own soldiers lives they expand to mercenaries from the United States. Two teams from the mercenary group arrive at the building at night and break in and have been ordered to kill anyone and everything in the house and they do so...except Lucy. After they leave the house they burned the building to the ground leaving no trail of their presence. Lucy had been out that night wanting to surprise Kouta with a present but as she got back to the ash of the Kaeda House she was devastated. Now nothing stopping her she sent out on her mission to eliminate man kind and bring a new age of the diclonious. As the years past she kept her promise and the diclonious had spread like wild fire. The governments of the different countries forced to use their military to forces to eliminate the diclonious that are being born. With so many being born as the years go by the countries of the world need to unite their forces to end the diclonious virus and kill Lucy. While the countries think what they need to be done some humans go out of their way to protect the diclonious and on the other hand some diclonious believe they are the enders of human kind. Now after the five year plan the world military have been able to prevent the end of the human race. But they have been unsuccessful to capture or kill Lucy. Now will you support the military, protect the diclonious, or end the human race?