Many years ago, a powerful group known as the Elemental Guardians protected the Earth. Using the elements Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning, Darkness, Light and the Shadow elements, they swore their lives to protecting everyone.

Meanwhile, a group called the Assassin's League would stop at nothing to have the Guardian's power. Using every weapon they wielded and every idea they had created, they viciously fought.

As hard as they tried, the Guardians were defeated. Except for two Queen and King Iwatoshi, the guardians of Lightning and Shadow Fire.

Almost twenty years later, the Guardians were now led by Prince Sheryn Iwatoshi. The Guardians new goal? Wipe out the Assassins who brutally murdered their ancestors.

Now it is up to you. Will you become an element using Guardian, or a weapon wielding Assassin? You must use your newly found powers to protect your team and take the Elements for your use


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