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This Guild is on Egyptology, the Study on Ancient Egypt from when Upper and Lower Egypt united up to the fall of the empire.

In this Guild you are able to discuss about anything to do with Ancient Egypt. In this Guild anything can be discussed like hieroglyphics, the royal family, food, ancient and modern religion, landscape and so on, you can also discuss about your voyages to Egypt and discuss what you learned and saw!

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Luxor Temple

There are going to be rules in this Guild so nobody can get upset, and nobody can get banned!
1- Do not stretch the page, especially vertically, this is very annoying!
2- Keep topics in the correct forums. There is a forum for discussions other then Egyptology available.
3- Be literate, some people cannot read text speak and seeing as this guild is academic.
4- Do not flame anyone. If somebody makes an accidental mistake then politely correct them instead of shouting and screaming at them.
5- This is a PG-13 forum so please keep your discussions clean. I have seen carvings of genitals at Karnack Temple and Abu Simbel and I don't want to see them on the forum.
6- Keep quote trees to a minimum.
7- Please be mature! I want this to be a calm environment of teenagers and adults discussing Egyptology. I will get very annoyed if anybody starts acting like a child in my guild.
8- Stick to the ToS (Terms of Service).

Any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. If you break a rule you will receive one warning, the second time you receive a second warning, the third time will result in a ban (If breaking Rule #2 was accidental then you will receive no warning, just a reminder). If the behaviour is disgusting (like posting pornography) then you will be banned straight away and then you will be reported to the Gaia Moderators. This is only to ensure that the Guild remains a comforting and happy place with intelligent discussions, nothing like the General Discussion or Chatterbox.

How to join:
Just send me a join request! There is no fee and I try to respond to join requests pretty quickly.

EDIT: I am back so this guild will become private again. Seeing as I am at University I have constant access to the internet and Gaia so I am available.

I hope you enjoy yourself in my Guild ^_^ If you notice any problems within my Guild or ways of improving it then PM me (Rennie`), I will be happy to change some aspects of the Guild if need be.

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Ramses II in battle: Battle of Kadesh

PLEASE NOTE This is a slow moving Guild. If you post a thread or reply to a post then do not expect a response straight away.

Last updated: 11th June 2010