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Welcome to Echoes of Pern
We are an open-minded Pern-based B/C. We are not RP required, but RP is encouraged. New to Pern? We'll help acclimate you to the world. Be warned of spoilers though -- there's no real way around that.

This is an alternative future for the people of Pern. With Thread gone, dragonriders have branched out, and life on the small planet has changed. There are some who have held onto the old ways, and others who have embraced new ideas of how Pern should be run. Unfortunately, Thread did not stay away, and now Pern must face new challenges -- does it return to the old ways and stick with what seemed to work best? Or does it embrace the progress its made and find a new way to survive besides their old enemy?

Interested in helping shape this new Pern? Then all you need to do is join up.