This is a Christian guild - aimed primarily at Orthodox Christians, but all are welcome! To join, simply tell a little about yourself your faith, you journey, who you are.


1. Abide by the Gaia ToS at all times.

2. This isn't chatterbox - please refrain from cursing, and as always, treat others as you would be treated.

3. There may be those on here of other faiths and paths. While we hold that Christianity is the Truth, others may not have reached that point yet. While you may share your faith and views, and even debate, hostility will not be tolerated. Christ called us to love our neighbor, not call him names for not immediately converting.

4. I have an open-door policy. if you have a problem feel free to PM me...and you have my assurance that any such matters will be thoroughly investigated and dealt with.

5. At all times, have fun. This guild is just as much yours as it is mine.

Lord, have mercy!