Welcome to Dueling Universe!

This guild is based on the Yu-gi-oh! anime and card game. In this guild you can participate in roleplays, official tournaments that can earn you a humble amount of gold, un-official tournaments that you can participate in just for fun, meet duelists around the world and improve your over-all knowledge of the card game/Anime/Manga.

To keep things as fair as possible, we will use this
website for half of our roleplays and all of our tournaments.

The link up there will take to a website known as dueling network. That website is totally free; you can duel as much as you want and build as many decks as you want and no one will ever ask you for a penny for you to keep on doing it in there.

I hope you can join us, because I know that if you do you will have loads of fun. - Skywhale.

P.S. If you have any questions about this guild or dueling network, you can pm me and I will be happy to help! See you later!