Welcome to "Dream the Dream a Les Miserables Guild"

This guild is mostly about Les Miserables. This is, basically, a second attempt to start a Les Miserables guild. There is another Les Mis guild, but the owner never goes on and nobody is a member. So, if you like Les Mis, join this guild!

1) Follow the ToS.
2) No cybering, or any sexual stuff.
3) Please keep the cussing to a minimum.
4) Try to be literate, as in no text talk please. Abbreviations such as a/b for about and w/ for with is fine. U for you is not.
5) When you join, please state one of Jean Valjean's aliases. (this is to show you do know about Les Miserables and also to show that you read the rules).
6) Please TRY to be active. If you have something going on, I understand but otherwise please try...
7) If I think of another rule, I will post it.
cool Have fun!
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