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The Setting: It has been almost fifty years since Goku left Earth and a rift in time as we enter a universe were the events of Battle of the Gods never happened and Earth has remained in relative peace with minor villains showing up from time to time, though without the Dragon Balls, the world has been left without much attention anyway.

Though with new guardians and Dende' having brought the Dragonballs back. Warriors from around the world have begun searching for them. Though in this time-line, the usual Z-Fighters are settled down and the call to action only in desperate times. Is this the dawn of a new era were new heroes and villains will rise up and try to claim the Dragon Balls for their own evil? Find out...on Dragonball Z...

To Join: Send a Join Request with a roleplay sample of your work. It must be at least one-hundred words in length and of some detail into the example. No one-liners, as you will find in the guild you must be at least semi-literate to RP here. The more literate in your RP here, the better for you and your character.

That said, we are a friendly guild for Dragonball Z RP and evolving and growing.