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        Welcome to Dragon Castle!

        We are a group of extremely avid and passionate roleplayers that came from a previous adventure of a similar name. Due to unfortunate occurrences between participants and the loss of a few of our members, we decided to breathe new life into it and make it our own for a new experience for all to enjoy!

        (About Dragon Castle)

        Dragon Castle is an open sandbox roleplay where you can create any story within the limits of the rules. Of course, we do have an active central story that takes place, but it is not required by you to participate.
        Certain plots, areas, and characters can be completely immersed into the world by your own devices. As long as they are not completely damaging or over-top within the world, creative ideas are more than welcome to be included into the roleplay. However, if you wish for something more dramatic to occur (Ex. Character Deaths, Powerful Influential NPCs, Major Locales) talk with one of our mods and we'll discuss it for consideration.
        We are a group of friends who are extremely laid back and just wish to have fun roleplaying with others. Honestly, go out there and have fun.
        The world is yours to immerse yourself in!

        This castle was founded and created around the ideals of protecting the realm from the many dangers that lurk among humanity. When life began, the Guardian Dragons of the realm sought to protect it's residents from the the evils that enviably will rise and seek to disturb the peace that the Guardian Dragons fight to preserve. With this in mind, knowing that they will not be around forever, they searched for heroes and adventurers to take their place, and continue to keep the realm a safe place for all.

        Over the years, Dragon Castle evolved and began growing at a frightening rate. Now, instead of primarily being a small territory with just a castle on a hill, it has become a fully functional and luxurious land for people of all classes to live within. This land is called Maldria and Dragon Castle resides in its center.

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                    Gaia Terms and Services
                        You all should know what the Gaia ToS is. If not, then please go read up on it. We would like you to be able to follow the basic rules that GaiaOnline has for us.

                        Please keep the rating PG-13. Swearing is fine, as long as it isn't swearing every other word. Please keep it minimal. Romance is perfectly fine, meaning that hugging and kissing and being romantic are perfectly fine. But if you start taking off clothes or anything of that sort, please time skip to the point after that. If you wish to play it out, then do so somewhere else outside of this site. Violence is fine, as long as you don't go super into detail of the blood and gore.

                    Overpower and Godmodding
                        You can be powerful, yes. However, you can not be over powered, like being able to warp time and space and that sort. If you can destroy entire cities and such, then rethink your powers and weaken them to a reasonable power. We want things to be fair for everyone here.

                    Auto Hitting/Killing
                        You may NOT hit or kill someone else's character at all! You may perform different actions and such, but you must give the other people involved in that combat to post about whether they get hit and they dodge it. And no, you can not just dodge every attack that comes your way, everyone gets hit sometimes. If we see too much dodging, we will talk to you about it. The only time you may hit or kill someone else's character is if you have their permission.

                    Time Skips
                        You may do super short time skipping if you are traveling, but don't do it too much. If you wish to time skip and you're in a group, please notify all the players involved beforehand. As for major time skips, like days, months, and years, please don't do that. The mods will decide on major time skips. If we decide to do a major time skip, we will inform you on the OoC thread. We will also tell you when we will do a time skip and how long, as we won't just do it right away, so as to allow you and your group, if you're in one, to finish up whatever you need to do before we initiate the time skip.

                        Please be at least semi literate. Have at least a minimum of 3 sentences per post. And please have good grammar and spelling. We understand no one is perfect and we make mistakes, so it's fine if you make a few small mistakes. Please do not use anything like ** and -- for actions, and please use "" when your character is speaking.

                        Please be as active as possible. We would highly recommend at least 2 posts per week, unless you're in a big group and are waiting for your turn to post. If you are going to be gone for a long period of time or not as active as others, please let us know, either by contacting one of us or posting about it in the OoC. If we find you are inactive for too long and you have not informed us why, we will message you. If you are going to be gone for a while and you're in a group, it will be nice if you grant someone else in that group to ghost your character. What that means is that they will move your character for you, but they do not have the right to control their actions and what they say, unless you give them permission for that as well.

                        It will be wonderful if you wish to decorate your posts however you like. However, a few things we would like you to not do, is use super bright colors for the text color and super small text, especially for the main text for your posts. If you want to use bright colors in small text, it can only be for part of the decoration of the post, just as long as it is not overbearing and distracting to the readers reading your posts. For your posts, please include a section for Location, so that we know where your character is at at a glance.

                    OoC (Out of Character)
                        We highly recommend that if you're going to speak in OoC, please take it to the OoC thread. Some OoC in your main posts in the roleplay is fine if it's short, like say you're having writers block or you have permission to do something with someone else's character.

                    Writer's Block
                        If you find yourself being stuck when writing out your posts, that is fine, just indicate that in your posts, but please don't make a habit of it and do it for every post or every other post.

                    Rule Breaking
                        We will be doing a three strike system for this. You will get a warning for your first and second offenses. However, if you repeat any rule breaking the third time, we will kick you out and you will be placed on the Black List. We would very much like to avoid that though.

                        Please use the profile skeleton provided. You may change the color as you see fit, but do not modify it in any way. When you go to send in your profiles, please send it in a PM to Avacnela titled "Dragon Castle Forever" Failure to do so will result in your profile being denied. Please give us up to a week after sending in your profiles, as we all have lives and sometimes are busy with them. If you do not hear from us after a week, feel free to message one of us about it. New people just starting in the roleplay may only start with 2 characters. After those first profiles get accepted and you are as active as we ask you to be (unless you have given us a reason to why to can't be as active), then you may submit more profiles after the first week. You may control as many characters as you can manage. If we feel you are struggling with having too many characters, we will ask you to drop some of them.

                        NPC's are characters that you don't have to actively post as, and can be minor characters that appear every now and then. Only time you would have to post as your NPC is if someone is directly interacting with them, or if there is a certain plot point that involves that particular NPC.

                        If you have any questions, please feel free to ask one of the mods. We are always happy to help in the best way we can.

                    Disclaimer: We have the right to add or change any rules as we see fit. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the roleplay, go ahead and let one of us know and we will discuss it together.

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