Dorks United

Haii there this ish kitteh surprised You shall is meh around the guild..Well..Being me..Well this is a shocker..You haven't join..Ill give ya a free cookie for checking this out :O ,*Passes out kookies*
OMFG *Glomps* You better join or ill cry D=.....Anyways
-_-Edit! Nicky-_- will like..Doesn't wright much because i design the guild now surprised ....

This is a guild for all the dorks in this world. We discuss anything and everything...including dinosaurs!
Better saying:
Ok here let your true dorkish self be free!!!You can even make a spork tread tho i can promise someone will reply but i will =D You number one dorky kitteh ^^ So back......O...Soda =]..O wait..O ya ok like nerds are welcomed tooz,But WE ROAR OF DORKYNESS =D And -_-Nicky-_- is leading the roar (THo you might not hear her..Small voice x3 )

*ex captain|/*
CAPTAIN SHIPPO: i has big voice for your information. ROARZZZZ!!!!

My voice is bigger because i know the FlIpPiNg PaNfAs code xP

Kitteh wrote everything under o_O
To join fill this out :O (Shocker )

How ish yew a dork :
Rate your dorkyness 1 heart &3 Dork 5 hearts big dork 10 hearts BIG ONE

I ISH LIKE I WAS GONNA MAKE IT THE GUILD First....Anyways back to the main point ...Ok first you put the three eggs into the bow.....Wait...I OMFG This ish't the cooking channel x3

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KITTEH: 1. You must be dorkylike
2. No bad mouthing
3. Don't make fun of others(Unless its for fun)
5. Give kitteh Is A Raver a HUG and only a hug for working so hard on this o-o...(^0-0^)

U Dun have to speak right,NO GANGSTAR or any other talk but dork talk surprised (ex-CAPTAIN SHIPPO says that i approve) Grr.. <.<

Dorks Rule the new world!!!!

Hey ish kitteh again,Well if ya decide to join then like...Um...Well...I dun know...Ill give ya a free huggle =^-^= Ill pass out my Phone number to anyone who ask :3 Because i love texting @_@ Well i'am pretty much a new to this dacor thing so ill get better as day go by..Ill go around the guild forums,Maybe make a give away contest of radom things over 10,000 gold..I'll make subforums and you better atleast post in one if ya join..I waste my effort in this and it better not be wasted...Well iam the beggest dork here xP...Pie..And hope ya join KITTEH NEEDS A HUG NOW D=

ex-CAPTAIN SHIPPO: NU! i ish the biggest dork here! and here u go kitteh *hugz*