Now I'm not suggesting that a taste for humping one's corpse looks good on an Lonely Heart's ad, then again it hardly needs to. But isn't essentially harmless?

Certianly compared to those other taboos, it seems like a victimless crime. Surely it makes no sense that people weirdly wanting to have sex with what are essentially inanimate objects should be deemed more horrific than their wanting to do it with other humans or indeed animals that aren't up for it.

Is it that people just find the concept of necrophillia the most incomprehensible of sexual perversion? Deep down, maybe more of us than care to admit it can actually imagine the temptation of a sexy sheep to a lonely goatherd tired of goats and away from human company.

But the fact that that is easier to understand doesn't necessarily tone down the morbidity of it. Is it not worse to terrorize a sheep than violate a useless object?

We at DSNTN feel that it is well within our right to make sweet, sweet love to a couple of stiffs, without being looked down upon as weirdos.

Join us in our quest for equality!

Besides, you're dead. What use is your body to you?