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Hiya Su! Welcome to the Koge-Donbo* Guild!


Once you join this guild, you get the opportunity to share, spoil, and express your opinions about Koge-Donbo*'s wonderful creations.

Guild Includes:

-Gaia Help

Basic Rules and Guidelines:

I - stay on topic and appropriate;
II - post on the right Forum/Sub-Forum;
III - no bumping unless if it's on the "Bump Thread";
IV - have fun.

More Rules and Guidelines

Wanna Join? Make Sure Your Request Includes The Following:

1. Reason
2. Your favorite manga that KD made
3. Did you read the rules?

At the end of your application, you must type in "Nya Su" as well to indicate that you've read the rules to join.

Never write just one word or sentence! It shows that you don't really want to join this Guild!


Subforum info:

~Going to the Future~=Spoilers
~Miyon's Script~=Roleplaying/Story Making
~Lost in a Theme Park~= Games/Fun stuff
~Beach Cooking Showdown~= Fan Stuff

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Wannabe Mangaka

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