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Welcome to the Digital World. The Digi-World is a massive multi-player RPG. Put on your head set and travel to the one of the three servers, Data, Virus, or Vaccine.

Meet a digimon and make them your partner, interact with people from all over the world. Even though this is a Digimon Pet Shop Guild, we welcome all Owners to be to come and RP.

Are the prices to much for you? By being active you earn discounts and freebies. Some sales and auction may be member only. So come join in all the fun.

To join request to join and give us your profile. We will create you a journal and PM you when it is ready. Once you log in please set up your journal before you do anything else.

Now for you owners who don't wish to rp, you can still set up your own Digi Farm! Layout out your own tiny piece of the digital world for your digimon to call a home base.