To all those looking to join this guild

For those applying to join the guild; from now on, you must send a sample rp link in your application. If you only make one-liner posts, then you will not be accepted. If you are accepted, you are required to post regularly. Granted the rp can get slow, but you are still required to post as regularly as you can. If you do not post at all, then you will be banned from the guild after one warning.

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Who said that every journey ends when the heroes return home? For Sora, Kairi, and Riku, this is not true!! Having spent two years away from their homeworld, the three have missed out on a lot of their old lives. However, they are now returning to school, finding that there are both old friendships and rivalries that existed before their adventures. Not only that, but the Nobodies have been brought back, enabling them to enroll in the school as well. Last, but certainly not least, there are still Heartless running around the worlds, especially at the home of the Key-Bearers. High school is a trying time for any teenager, but when you throw in the troubles these friends face, anything is possible! Enroll in the class now!