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In a forest far from human civilization, there is a academy where the next generation of Demons can be taught to become like their parents, Powerful demons. The Headmaster Dakurozu, who has taught demons for centuries, is looking forward to teaching the next generation of demons.

In the other part of a forest Far from the demons there is a Angel academy much like the Demon academy, the headmaster Archangel Michael is proud to teach the next generation of Angels,

But the Demons and angels have a dark past...
Some Students of both the angel academy and the Demon academy desire to fall in love....but the pairing is a Taboo... but will the dark past between the two, be ended with the generation?

xx Rules xx
1. No godmodding
2. Romance is encouraged, don't be afraid to let your characters be romantic
3. Importantly, no killing unless you are given Permission.
4. Stay according to the story line In either School. Don't just randomly go off and do other things
5. Royalty is encouraged, Since there are some potiential demon princesses and or/ Angel Princesses in each academy
6. Make sure you are active, or I will delete you.
7. Vice captains must ask me first before sending out a announcement and/or deleting posts
8. and most importantly, have fun!

New Users will have to go through a check before they are allowed to post, So either me, or one of my vice captains have to look over it because I have noticed people going against the "Godmod" Rule.