Ganta Igarashi had failed to defeat the Wretched Egg.
The news shocked millions. A girl, a mere girl, who could rule the world? Everyone panicked; few, if any, knew what to do. Japan led a counter attack, establishing the Undertakers Corps as a full-on military project, led by the lone normal woman to survive her own counter-attack's failure, to combat the Wretched Egg. In retaliation, The Wretched Egg, struggling between her personae due to Ganta's demise, infected many civilians with the Nameless Worm, giving others a Branch of Sin, the ability to control blood.
3 years on, and the world is in a stalemate. War rages between the Sinners, Deadmen under the command of The Wretched Egg who seek to remake the world in their blood-soaked image, and the Normals, composed of the Undertakers Corps, the only group with the tech to fight back properly, and the Lion's Wrath Corp, a wing of the Undertakers Crops who're Deadmen on the side of the Normals.
What will you do?

Will you take over the world with blood and insanity...? Allow the reign of either the Wretched Egg or Shiro to transpire?

Or will you become the saviours of humankind? Destroy those who have wronged and remake the world into a better image?

Perhaps you have already chosen your path... and maybe, just maybe, it's neither of them...

If you wish to join, answer the questionnaire or accept the request that may have been sent to you.

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2. Do you have any problems that may affect your typing, i.e. dyslexia, short-/long-sightedness, etc.? (This will be known to the Crew, VCs and the Captain only. If this is shared without your permission, the person involved will be banned from the Guild.) :
3. How good is your spelling and basic literature? :
4. What is your age? :
5. D you understand and agree to consent to the rules set and Gaia's ToS and R&G? :

Rules are in the forums.
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Entry fee used to help fund for Announcements, new forums, etc. It's only 10 GG, it's very little! The rest is provided by contributions from me and others.