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❝This is your moment❞

Welcome to DC Worldwide.
A place where you'll get to Roleplay as your favorite DC heroes. This place is meant purely to be a fun relief from reality.
Join us as we have many stories to unfold here
..and watch as you become more than a hero, but a legend.



Adhere to all Gaia ToS.

Join Request Skeleton:



[b]Character's Name[/b]:

[b]Role-play sample of character interested in[/b]:

No double characters; if there are doubles, conflicts and confusion will arise given that anyone can play any incantation of that same character.

If you happen to be inactive, going on vacation, or etc, please do not hesitate to report it to a crew members and so on. Failure to do so will result in a ban, etc.

No chatspeak, txt talk, leet, etc. Try to keep spelling and grammar correct, but we all do make mistakes.

If you've got an issue, please approach any of us with whatever you have. Whether it be with a player or our system, we ask that you keep it professional. We are also open to suggestions on anything; stories, etc.

Remember everyone, this is supposed to be fun. We can have all sorts of it acting as a calm and helpful community that will last us a long time. If you're willing to let it.

OCs ARE accepted here. We have no problem with them. IF you want to create a OC fill out the same profile as the canons and post it there. There, you'll be reviewed and either denied or accepted. When I say deny that means we'll ask you to review your profile and edit it.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules.

All characters except originals are property of DC/Warner Brothers

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