= 100 years ago =

For centuries, two armies fought endlessly for the very balance of reality. At one side, the mighty and proud Shinigami, at the other, the horrendous and savage Hollows. Two mighty forces that clash for dominance since the beginning of time.

But, as does the waters of a river, war changes over the years. And if not because of a act of heroism, for an act of evil, something that, in the mind of those that committed such act, was an innocent way to tip the scales. A way to make a shinigami stronger than any other by giving a Hollow mask to a shinigami.

"Mad scientists!", they said, "give me back my son, you monsters", they shouted as a cloud of black smoke rose from the secret facility where they made the very first of those shinigami. A killing machine, consumed by the rage and the insanity of a Hollow, with the body and weapon of a shinigami. It was a grim day for the Gotei as many of their shinigami died by the hands of the monster they created. A monster, soon to be named: Vizard.

= 50 years ago =

The tragedy of that night, 50 years ago still lingered in the hearts and minds of every resident of Soul Society, since that day, the Vizards expanded like a virus, taking over more and more ground. However, the Gotei did not falter on the fight against Hollow and their new foe, the Vizard and also gained much more ground, now they old base seemed small in comparison to the old one.

It was now ten times the old size, taking part of the Rukongai as a matter of defense against attacks. Everything seemed calm aside from a few Vizard invasions, however, little did they know that trouble was boiling at Hueco Mundo. Strange happenings were happening around, mutating the Hollows into strange creatures, human in shape, savage in mind, but still, very clever and intelligent.

It was without warning that they attacked, coming from nowhere, a hundred humanoid creatures with broken Hollow masks in their face surfaced in Soul Society, ready to kill and hungry from the wait. The fight was harsh, the attackers were stronger than expected, and sadly most of the Gotei crew failed to fulfill their duty and died in battle.

Without their captains, the Gotei panicked, and went into a state of martial law for many years, only to be lifted now. While all that, the Central 46 named the new threat, the Arrancar.

= Nowadays =

The human society has reached a new tier of technology and so did the Gotei, mechanizing some activities helped maintain peace and security over all Soul Society to the point of being able to organize a new Gotei 13. New captains to all the squads have been chosen and new facilities made. It seemed all nice and fun until problem stirred up with the old Shinigami enemies, the Quincy.

Due to recent attacks to the human world from the Arrancar, the Quincy have once more come to action in the hopes of saving the human race from the new threats, and now that they are organized and well prepared, so are the Shinigami.

It is a new dawn for humanity, and we are ready for the war.
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