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Hello, and welcome! This guild is for gamers (or even non-gamers) to RP their favorite RPG or FPS game, and will also provide the opportunity for game programmers as well as fan artists and concept artists and the like to show off their skills! We will happily take any suggestions of games to add to our lists as there are games constantly being created and discovered!

Enjoy and have fun! biggrin

Fanart will happily be accepted!

DISCLAIMER: Any images/names/logos/information or anything of the kind obtained from the internet belongs to their respective owners, and sources or creators should be posted along with the images, etc. Any information in quotations has been gathered from above sites, and I do not take credit for any artwork, pictures or writings taken from the websites.

Common Sites:
(,, etc.)

Wonder what PG-13 is? This qualifies, I think:
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Note: Please keep a safe distance away from the screen. Failure to comply will result in brain damage-
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-and punishment may be involved.

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