This guild is for people interested in the battle system(zOMG!) with dark intentions to be the best we are compose of six squads 1st squad (mine) is the lead squad.2nd squad is the combat/defense group.3rd squad are punishment force (don`t mess up ).4th squad is the stealth force.5th squad is the research lab.6th squad is the investigation squad.ok thats all the squads now to talk about the seats(Ex4th seat,3rd seat,2nd seat,and vise captain).There are 10 seats the people in the ten seats are the squads main group.You can be in a squad even if your not in the main group.You can work your way up to a seat so don`t worry.this guild is for people who are going to play the gaia mmo
We are a guild of fun please join or be engulfed in darkness.
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alliances:Nightcrawler Mercenary