Darkheart Manor is a school run by archangels set up to protect supernatural beings, accepts all and any- vampires, werewolves, fairies, fallen angels, ghosts etc.

1. No using other people's characters without permission. The teachers of the classes and the people in the town can be controlled by everyone.
2. No cursing or foul language
3. Keep it PG-13.
4. No killing off someone else's character/s without permission
5. If wanting to write something in another language, please provide a translation.

Since Darkheart Manor is a school, there will be school-based rps but there will also be other rps like areas outside of the school and missions and quests for the characters to go on.

As the Vice-Captains and part of the Crew, I'd like your help in
regulating the forums and sub-forums, making sure everyone is following the rules, helping with ideas for missions, character quests, etc.

If I need to be offline for a substantial amount of time, the Vice-Captains will be in charge. In the event that this happens, I will let you know before hand.