Remember the dark fairy tales you heard growing up? Well here is where you can rp them claim your favorite childhood characters and rp them how you would like them to be done and even bring in your own hero because a group of original characters will be the ones saving the day.

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We can take turns telling the fairy tale that comes up but please use a live action person for your character teenager or adult no kids even if it's Hansel and Gretle. We'll stick to one thread then we'll move to the next one when we finish that story idea think of it like running a tv series following it by seasons something along those lines should be easy enough for you.

Anyways pick the actor/actress you think would work perfectly for your original character or the favorite fantasy hero/villain yes all fairy tales will be included but keep in mind this will be a fantasy like rpg not a modern day one, it does start off in modern day but the characters end up meeting and end up being transported to the realm of fairy tales itself and end up loving the world there so please, come on in and create a character have fun rpging in dark fairy tales keep it serious and very moody guys but follow the rules of gaia as well.