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Welcome to the village hidden in the buttsecks.

Even if you don't know, that our humble thread is/was the most posted in thread in the Naruto Forum, and the Official Village with the most members, you'll probably still realize that we are THE most awesome Yaoi-oriented guild. But that's not all we specialize in! Here, you can talk about anything~ And, we have now started up a roleplay, which will be completed sometime soon.

Let us remember, this group began as a joke, and grew into a wonderful yaoi-loving, cosplayer-stalking, battle-inducing village of pure win, and we're hoping you'll join it!

Considering the fact that yaoi alone isn't all that makes up this wonderful guild, village Perks include
*Winning Prizes!

*Burning Official Sasuke!

*Fighting Smexy Battles!

*Shanking Official Sasuke!

*Basking in the glow of Naruto Slash-Yaoi!

*Punching Official Sasuke!

*Stalking Cosplayers!

* And Much More!

Onward! Join Us! And We'll Dominate the World!
Unless you're a hater. ]:

Meaning, that you can, unless you're a homophobe or a Twitard. o____o
Or a combination Homophobic Twitard.
Or Official Sasuke.

Expect only the best, here, in Danshokugakure.