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You've stumbled across pretty much the only guild here on Gaia that's dedicated to the one and only Uchiha Sasuke, who is one of the remaining survivors of the Uchiha Clan. Because of events that have taken place in his past, he calls himself an, "Avenger," hence part of the name of this Guild. The other part of the name comes from the fact that he has the Cursed Seal given to him by Orochimaru. So, just read through the basic rules and request to join! (Gomen nasai for the spoiler if you haven't gotten that far in Naruto yet!!!)

Announcement: The Captian will be away for a while. Crew members will run the place until I return!

About the Guild
. An Uchiha Sasuke Fan Guild
. Roleplay Guild (I'll be having, "auditions," for RP characters, which will judge your RP-ing skills and literacy. Also so RP-ers don't have trouble by having different roles in some RPs and then getting all confused...)
. Naruto Anime/Manga Discussion Guild (Spoiler-prone)

The RP Storyline (Still under revisions, but is pretty much set in stone)

Three years have passed since the battle between Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto at the Valley of the End to retrieve Sasuke. However, Naruto had put up an fight, but wasn't strong enough to take down Sasuke, thus Sasuke left to go to Orochimaru's in the pursuit of power so he can accomplish is goal...

Now it's about time for Orochimaru to switch host bodies in order for him to live forever. He had trained Sasuke to become extremely powerful. However, Sasuke doesn't seem to be so happy with this and somehow manages to escape from Orochimaru. He manages to return to Konoha, but now has Orochimaru hot on his tail.

Meanwhile, there's a new danger appearing, an organization named Kuroi Hakumei (Black Twilight). They're planning on crushing all of the Ninja villages in order to take over the whole Ninja world for some unknown reason. No one knows anything about them for they have appeared just recently.

Now all the Kages are meeting in Konoha to discuss the appearance of Kuroi Hakumei as well as form alliances with one another to try and purge this new evil in the world...

Basic Rules
. Obviously you've gotta like or be a fan of Uchiha Sasuke. (He doesn't have to be your favorite character.)
. If you don't like Sasuke all that much, but still feel like joining, feel free to request to join since this is a Guild where we'll obviously be talking about a lot more things other than Sasuke-kun. Also avoid making threads that involve heavy Sasuke bashing. Users doing so will be banned as this is a Pro-Sasuke Guild.
. Follow all Gaia ToS and rules.
. Please keep things literate!! (Especially in RPs!) I can't emphasize that enough!
. Do not make fun of other users.
. The crew will take action toward anyone who breaks any of the rules that I've listed or any of the rules in the Gaia ToS.
. Have fun!!

Joining Info
. Request to join. (There's a 25 Gold fee for future subforums and other guild related things.)
. Please fill this out:

Why you do/don't like Sasuke:

Please don't use reasons such as OMG! HE'S SO CUTE!!!!1111, HE'S SEXY!!!!111, HE'S THE HOTTEST NARUTO BOY!!, HE'S BETTER THAN ITACHI!!!111, HE'S MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!!...and you get my point. You gotta dig deeper than that in to find a reason that satisfies the question as well as satisfies the whole crew of the Guild.

(For reasons for the ones who wish to join, but don't like Sasuke all that much, please don't use reasons such as, HE'S EMO!!!, HE BETRAYED KONONHA!!!!111 (gomen nasai for the spoiler once again), HE'S TOO OBSESSED WITH ________!!!, and etc.)

From here on out, I'm not taking one sentence answers as to why you like or do not like Uchiha Sasuke!!

If you don't answer the question stated above when you request to join the guild, you're automatically going to be denied.


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I do not own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does. ^^