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Hundreds of years ago when the earth was still young a war broke out between the light and the dark each taking a race on their side. The light took angels and the elves and other races born naturally into the light. While the dark took the Demons and the dwarfs and other races born naturally to the darkness. The only race that was unable to take part in the war were the humans being born from both the light and the dark the human race would have no clue as to what was surrounding them until it was too late.

Over a hundred years after the war between the light and dark broke out the humans have grown in numbers their power amounting into sizes to large to measure now they create tools to build tools to destroy and tools to cultivate. Seeing this the elves have broken free from the fight in order to join the humans and help build the land. The Dwarves too lost interest in the endless fighting joining the two races, building tools with their knowledge of crafting this alliance lasted years until the death of the dwarves reason unknown.

Now years have passed the war has ended with neither side victorious the leaders have fallen into a deep sleep inside crystals which brought upon the birth of a new era and maybe a new race.

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The year is 2129 Elves and humans live together in peace working to make life on earth better while also trying to move forward. Trainees pop up from left and right but only few actually gain the honor of being able to pilot their own customized mech. Though the mechs are for invaders from other planets there are still the threats on the earth it is up to those who are on the ground to fend off that threat.

the story starts when trainees find the ruins said to have been lost in time after entering the deepest part of the ruins they gain unimaginable abilities but little is known about these new found powers, are they a good thing or will they bring destruction upon the earth.