[Currently under construction]

Welcome to the Craigslist of Gaia!

Here you can buy items, sell items, trade, auction, and much more! You can also post gigs and discuss a variety of topics.
The entry fee is only 10 gold and donations are appreciated.
I have set on auto accept so you don't have to wait to start posting!

If you have questions, ideas, or you want to become a crew member, please PM me!

▌Guild Rules

x Follow the TOS.
x You must show respect for the mods in the guild as well as your fellow members.
x You must not spam if the threads are for discussion, there is a forum for casual talk/spam in the guild.
x You must not start any fights in the guild. We do not like drama.
x You must not harass any members of the guild for whatever reason.
x You must not flame any of the threads or users in the guild.
x Have lots and lots of fun!