The Universe: 3050 A.D
Population: Unknown and declining
A mixture of races are left, some extinct, some thriving

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Dresden had once been a focus of both tourists, Governemnt, races of all kinds, and even adventure hunters. Then the focus of their attention was the Universe. When Sara, the She-Witch melded everything together into one huge planet, the people were frantic. This was after a civil war in Dresden, which left the city in ruins. Now that Sara is gone and a new unversal ruler is in power, many people are dying in the games of death called the quells, from races long forgotten to newly found races.They must overcome all that is given to them in order to survive but there are new heros in play and Unfortunately, the cause of this war had corrupted many souls . Now people left and right have been fighting for ways to become free of this.With a new allience in place, the new guardians of Dresden will be put to the test as they get ready to take the fight to the throne it's self and restor peace and harmoney once again.These are the stories of the Dresden memoriers. Those who have been Guardians of Yore to newfound protectors will once again be called. Now they fight for not only their city, but their Universe and lives.

Few rules:

Let the crew of this Guild do their jobs, no cybering, respect the Gaia ToS, the Guild's ToS, and have some fun. When asked to stop being rude, jerky,etc, do so. You may now check out the Guild with Pleasure.