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To The Official CosplayNation guild

Do you love cosplay? Do you enjoy going to conventions? Then you have come to the right place. In the Cosplay Nation guild,we not only share our different idea's and opinions about cosplay,but we discuss Conventions,show off our favorite cosplay [whether it be pictures of our self's or others,and much much more. This is a place were everyone can be themselves,make friends and have fun!

-Please do not criticize or put down anyone for there opinions. Not only is it rude,but it makes others afraid to state there opinions as well,so please keep an open mind

-Please refrain from violence. If there is an issue,please report it to one of the captains.

These are the two most important rules,See the rest of the rules in the forums.

Donation'sDonation's are always accepted and appreciated;they help us to create contests and prizes for our member's,and helps the guild grow and flourish. We [The captains and crew] will be forming a guild mule were all of the guilds funds will be held. If anyone would like to donate please donate strait to our Guild mule[after it is made]. Thank you