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The Guild version of the Cosplay Item Guide thread in the guides and resources forums. The guide is getting too cramped, so the Guild is where you will see more items and non-anime items too. If you have any suggestions, please post it in the suggestion forum and write the series it's from. Items don't have to be anime only, but I will need to know what series it's based on. I'm trusting you guys to tell me so I can confirm! If it's wrong, I'm blaming you guys! lol!
We now have a chat space, but it doesn't work! If anyone wants to try it one day, the chat space is here! Beach! or link to games with this link here and it will have a box at the top that says "Click here to join Friend Chats" ...If it decides to work one day, then have fun, roleplay, whatever, just don't violate any terms of use, because that would force me to mat this guild private and nobody wants that!
Warning! This guide is image-heavy! (just like the original thread!) So I've tried to separate items by series and genre. Things are kinda disorganized as the order is dictated by the date of the last post, but I hope it's more organized than the guide. Also, I refer to the original thread as "the guide" and this guild as "the guild" so don't get confused! it's not a typo, it's a guide guild...ANYWAY! I hope this guild is helpful and I'm gonna stop rambling and get back to work! Enjoy!
Original Thread Cosplay Item Guide (check for items not yet added here!)

PLEASE NOTE: if you post in a forum, it will most likely be edited and made part of the guide! So don't delete any posts! (it reduces the number of posts allowed on that page!)

Also, Items should be based on a series or franchise. Items that are "good for a cosplay" and "based on a series" are not the same! I consider the items that are not based on the series but can be used for a cosplay are not supposed to go here. you gotta find those yourself! The sets listed here are just the starting points! You gotta add the finishing touches yourself! if you do still wanna suggest items that aren't based on anything because they're just that useful, post them in the suggestions forums and I will see about adding them if I have a thread for them. That way, if I don't add them, people can still see them.

Update: I'm not really online much anymore, so feel free to post new or missed items in the threads! I may edit them later to show poses or add items, so again, don't delete any posts. You can edit the post if you want though. Please make sure they are cosplay items and not just items that can be used for cosplay. Thanks!

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