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Sci-fi | Fantasy | Semi-Literate

As the universe enters its 14th millennial year, the cosmos settles into the golden age. The age where exploration has been renewed. Not by sailing the seas, hiking through dense foliage, or even going to the deepest parts of the ocean. Beyond the skies and above the heavens, space has become the final frontier.

10 Billion years ago, before the constellations were aligned, the universe was in a constant state of upheaval.
In order to maintain balance, a universal council was created; each member representing a major star system. With this newfound hierarchy, everything seemed to fall into place. For centuries on end, the universe thrived and their focused leadership guided the people vigorously. Everyone lived contently in their ways, and although conflicts occurred, there kept a silent peace. Pirates stole only to end up caught by the police, convicts ran and bounty hunters chased, and so on and so forth.

The system seemed nearly flawless to the outside eye. That is, until those from a lone planet called Exitium, came. Destroying planet Serus and others along the way, they drove fear into the very soul of the galaxy. No longer did anyone feel safe, and no longer did the words of the council bring a sense of security. Like it was millenia ago, the state of the universe fell back into chaos.
Planets began to detach themselves from the rule of the council, others began building their military, and smaller planets closed off their borders. Years passed before the council could regain control. And although they could not extinguish the threat of Exitium over the horizon, they could push the thought of extinction back into the shadows.

Word of the growing threat and universal affairs became hushed, and the universe began to settle back into its normal routine. Exitium became that of a bedtime story to tell misbehaved children, and with no word of their return-- many adults began to question if such a place ever existed.

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