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Welcome to Commonsky Academy.

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ℑf you are reading this, you are most likely interested in harnessing and bettering your control of your element.
Well you have found the greatest and most prestigious academy around for doing just that.
Founded by a great trio with the one purpose of bettering those gifted with these powers, Commonsky is a school for elementalists.

𝔒nce the enrollment process is complete and you are placed into your house you will be welcome to roam the grounds and meet the other students and your teacher.

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Yours Sincerely,
Tobius Commonsky, Founder of the Fire of Anubis

You find enclosed a compass, inscribed with the numbers 137898, which leads you to the school.

What is this exactly?
This school is an interactive RP guild, using both towns and forums.
You create a character, go to real-time RP classes and fights, and help shape and take part in the massive storylines running in the school! All the while, learning to RP control of elements and forging friendships.

How do I join?
Fill out the Character Creation Form with your proposed character profile, then send it in your join request. You will have the chance to redo this later, but we would simply like an indicator of who you are going to be.

Do you want my money?
Of course we do!
But don't use the donation box, please- we can't access the money that goes there. Send anything you wish to the guild captain.