Hello Everybody!! So My name is SterlBlackRose and this guild is sort of like a remake of my first guild called "An Everything". I am making this new guild because "An Everything" is retiring. So I decided to start over new, making a guild on my own instead of making one that others help make and then them leave and not help anymore. This guild has many features such as the avatar avi contest that happen monthly. The fan art collect gallery, the market place, the RPG station of imagination, ZOMG, and much more. Just like in "An Everything" you can open shops and sell your items, request items ect. If you want a tektek made you will have to post the request in the art department. Contests will happen at least once or twice a month posts will be made on them by me. I will go through and check some of the forums to look out for fowl language ect. If there is fowl language towards another person you will get a warning the first time if it happens again you will get a fine of 1000gold which if not paid off you will be banned from guild, the third time will get you kicked from the guild.The purpose of this guild is to help others become more open about new things and making friends and expressing themselves in a positive healthy manner. This guild will have a friendly environment where everyone can feel safe. There will be consequences if rules are broken. Donating to the guild is nice the money can go towards more forums if we have more. But also sending me donations for the contests if very helpful so then I don't have to always pay prizes from my pockets. Send me a message and trade if you are wishing to donate for the contests.

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Hope youll enjoy your time at this guild if you have questions post them in the question post. If you want to make donations towards this guild send me a trade request and ill put it in a different account.