User Image Club 21 This is a role players stomping ground. User Image

1. Follow ALL Gaia TOS
2. NO cybering within the guild. If you want to cyber, go to pms. Anyone caught will be suspended the first time. Do it again and you will be banned.
3. No god modding/auto-hitting, et cetera.
4. No racial, sexual, or religious slurs of any kind, or you will be banned.
5. Be respectful to everyone
6. Use the best grammar and spelling you can
7. Be as literate as possible. No chat, short, or 1337 talk.
8. No using '**' or '--' for actions.
9. Use OOC to speak out of character. Mark OOC with "(())" or something to that effect.
10. Males may play females, females males.
11. Any sexual preference is fine. Yaoi, yuri, tranny's, whatever fits your fancy.
12. Now have fun or we'll make you have it.

This is an RP Club, and we left that open to any RP. We have people that will make topics, and they will vary. Please ONLY LITERATE role players, we don't want no scrubs, you know if you're good or not.

Let's all have a good time.

For People with Ideas for the guild
Contact me or the crew