Otakus welcome!

This is a social/RP guild built around Otaku awesomeness!
Join us!

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1. No discriminating. We don't need drama. Drama bad.
2. If you feel like trolling, do it in the chatterbox. Not welcome here!
3. Spam only in the spamming thread!
4. Don't post in the main forum! That's mah zone.
5. If you would like to make a new sub forum, ask me and we'll make it!
6. Follow Gaia T.O.S.
7. No running in the halls yadda yadda yadda.

if you have an issue with a member here, notify me. Don't start drama with them.

In the RP forums, there will be separate rules set up by the owner of said RP. Follow them or don't join the role play.

HAVE FUN! <--is most important rule