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This is a furry/ skalie/ were/ otherkin/ neko/ feral/ whatever guild. All are welcome.

What you need to put to regester:


Gaia Name:
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Description sad pictures ok)
Why you want to join:
What do you know of the Fur Fandom?:

Some rules

You would think that with all their experiences and knowledge of the world, adults would know and act better, but sadly they don't. Yes, there will be gay, straight, bi, and transgender people here. No, you may not flame, harrass, or preach to them about how their lifestyle is wrong.

Some crap that might be usefull to know

Question and Answer

Q: What is a Furry/ Scalie?

A: The basic definition for a "furry" is an anthropomorphized animal
character. In other words, an animal character given human-like
attributes, such as sapience and often a humanoid form. The term "furry" is a misnomer, as a creature does not need to have fur to be "furry" in this sense. Other terms sometimes interchangeable with a "furry" in this sense are "zoomorph", "morph", "anthropomorph" or (debatably) "funny animal". A scalie is simply the reptile version.

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Q: What is a Were, or werewolf?

A: A werewolf is a normal human by day that turns into a wolf at night. These wolves eat people, animals, or even corpses. The condition can be hereditary, or acquired through a werewolf bite. Also, some werewolves are able to control when they change shape, while others are unavoidably turned by the fullmoon. In countries where wolves are not common animals, people can change into other dangerous animals. ...

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Q: What about Otherkin?

A: People who believe they currently are or at one point were nonhuman entities. An otherkin might believe they are anything from a vampire to a dragon to an elf to an angel, though more obscure creatures are possible (griffons, succubi, etc). It is also possible to be a mixture of two or more of these creatures.

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Q: What's a Neko?

A: Simply Can be used in conjunction with a girl or boy to describe half-human, half-cat characters in anime

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