Welcome to Clan Wars: Dawn of the Elements. This guild is immersed in an epic struggle between four rivaling clans, and is filled with intense RPing, contests, and competition. If you love roleplaying, chatting, participating in competitions, or just having a great time, be sure to join!

STORYLINE: The four clans have been constantly warring and trying to gain more influence over the land of Gaia. While the Clan Leaders have tried to avert war, many battles and conflicts have been initiated between the clans. During this fued, strange monsters have been rumored to be appearing near the Barton area. Additionally, Golem corps., a large company based on new technology, has been rumored to be hiding something. Seeing an opening for them to gain more power, the Clan Leaders immediately begin to investigate.

DESCRIPTION: This is a competetive Roleplaying guild. There are four teams, each with their unique elements and spells (Sky, Earth, Life, and Death.) Each team participates on quests. As each quest is completed, the storyline progresses, and teams gain points for their team, which allows them to unlock new elements and get superiority when choosing which quests they wish to embark on. Points will also be awarded to those who do exceptional RPing, and writing and art contests will be held to let people gain more points for their team (and possibly gold!) When you join, please post in the "Clanless Members" thread to say what clan you want to be in.