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Jun 26th, 2056 was the day the world finally collapsed. The last of the cities with power finally joined the rest of us in darkness and silence, from the news stations to the religouse nutjobs who offered no explanation other than the newest rumor or that this was the wrath of someone‘s God. What was left of the worlds government broke apart under the anarchy.

For a while things were loud and the air was filled with the constant sound of gun fire. And slowly things got quieter and quieter before finally the silence settled in. Winter came on almost over night and without the knowledge that our ancestors had so easily used, many died from the cold or from poisoned air.
Slowly some started banning together with hopes of starting over and rebuilding but they would simply vanish. Just disappear without a trace. Grouping together became a taboo, akin to death. We quickly learned to ignore messages over radios offering shelter and safety or would suffer at the hands of scavengers pretending to be the military that we once looked to for safety.
But people can't survive this way, in constant fear of the dead and each other. Things become lost. Important pieces fade away making those left less than animals. Caring only about surviving for another day and nothing more.


Rule#1 No God-modding (no using other peoples characters)

Rule#2 Be realistic and reasonable. If you're up againts hundereds of zombies your going to most likely die. You allso do not have powers, you are not superman and you do not have unlimited supplies.

Rule#3 Be literate, no TXT talk. (Its ok if you miss spell some words.)

Rule#4 Romance is acceptible but please keep it to PG-13. If your characters lead to "That thing" please time skip.

Rule#5 No murdering other peoples characters without there permission.

Rule#6 Make sure you create a character profile before you start RPing.

Rule#7 Please when you pick a picture for your character i would like you to use a human not an anime character.

Rule#8 When Role Playing please post at least a paragraph (4-6 sentences) or more long replies and make sure you leave enough for the other person to go off of and fallow the simple format of speach. Bold for talking, Italicize for thinking, and underlined italicize for emphasizing words. Thank you.

Rule#9 If you are innactive, havent posted or have neglectid to make a character in more than 2 weeks since joining or last post you will recive a warning then if you havent done what we have asked of you, you will be kicked from the guild.

Please Answer these questions in your join request.
How active are you?
How literate are you?

Somewhere in your join request, please put, "Foreclosed" so we know you've read the rules.