Every city has it's secrets, dark corners where myth and reality meet, the reason we never feel alone in the dark. Many have forgotten why the silence of night makes them look over their shoulder and chills them to their souls. However there are those who remember what lurks in the dark shadows, those who will face the primal fear of the dark. Then there are those who lurk in the dark, those who are always just out of sight and around every corner.

This is a guild for the City of Night roleplay a roleplay and related threads.

City of Night revolves around a city that is full of supernatural being and humans that are aware of their presense. The RP started out with this vague setting and allowed players to build their own stories.

1. Follow Gaia ToS
2. You can start an RP here as long as it`s in some way, shape or form related to the City of night
3. While we aren't semi-lit/lit, I'll ask everyone kindly to make sure their posts make sense and basic grammar and spelling are used.
4. We ask that everybody is respectful to everybody else
5. I'll probably add more rules so keep checking back.