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Welcome to the Itro region, young trainers! This is where a brand new adventure begins and you can continue your quest on becoming the world's strongest trainer or poké coordinator! What path will you choose? There will be new cities which means new gym leaders and of course a brand new Elite Four and their Champion.

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!Please keep in mind that Chronicles of Itro is currently under construction due to me being a one man team designing everything.

Welcome to Chronicles of Itro, a Pokemon roleplay guild where you can use your original characters and be creative!

Itro is the new Region where the roleplay is based. Ofcourse you can start solo and invite-only rp's with friends and play in Kanto, Hoenn or any other region you want to.

We are open and accepting members! But please keep in mind, there is a lot of construction going on right now.

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User Image No god-modding.
User Image Don't offend anyone or their character.
User Image Stick to Gaia's T.O.S.

Trainer profile wise:
User Image You are not allowed to use pictures you found and like from the internet and claim them as your character.
User Image If you can't draw profiles or appearances of your Pokemon character, please create one on TekTek's Dream Avatar Tool.
User Image Legendary Pokemon aren't allowed unless we state so for an event.
User Image Only oc's are accepted, no official's such as Red and N for now.

User Image [Vice] Captains are Elite four members.
User Image Crew members are Gym Leaders
User Image Members are trainers.

If anything isn't clear- you can ask here.