Welcome to the guild home page! Feel free to grab a pair of chopsticks, and have a seat. With art, writing, and general discussion; we really mean it when we say that this guild is for everyone.

It may seem small right now, but with your help we can make this place grow and make it a fun place to connect with fellow Gaians and branch out socially and creatively.

If you plan to RP and write, please send us a sample. No, we're not grammar Nazis, we view your sample as a way of showing how passionate of a writer you are, and whether you'll just "hit and run" or if you'll "tYpe3 LI3K th2WS". We rarely turn down requests, so don't be scared when posting a sample!

Once you're in the guild, just read the simple rules and feel free to jump in and post!

See you there.